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Lockport Township Republicans Endorsed by Safe Suburbs USA

February 15, 2021
Safe Suburbs USA endorses candidates that are committed to public safety, support law enforcement, and whom reject the Defund the Police political mantra. Safe Suburbs USA has an endorsement committee comprised of current and former elected officials, leaders from different Chicago-area communities, and retired law enforcement who review candidates for endorsement.

Safe Suburbs USA has announced their endorsement of the following Lockport Township candidates:

Lockport Township Republicans Endorsed by Safe Suburbs USA
  • Darren Deskin for Lockport Township Supervisor
  • Annette Parker for Lockport Township Clerk
  • Jessica Cannaday for Lockport Township Collector
  • Jim Louch for Lockport Township Highway Commissioner
  • Gregg Bickus for Lockport Township Trustee
  • Denise Salvino for Lockport Township Trustee


Judge Reverses Lockport Township Electoral Board Decision to Remove Incumbent Republican Highway Commissioner and Assessor Candidate from April 6 Ballot

January 28, 2021

Will County Circuit Court Judge John Anderson ruled on Monday, January 25, 2021 that incumbent Republican Township Highway Commissioner Jim Louch and Republican Lockport Township Assessor candidate Tim McNally are eligible to run for office in the April 6, 2021 election. 

The ruling comes after Democrat Ken Griffin, acting on behalf of Lockport Township Democratic Organization and Lockport Democratic leaders, objected to the two Republican candidates’ eligibility to be nominated by the Republican caucus in December.

Louch and McNally were overwhelmingly nominated to a full slate of Republican candidates in an unprecedented caucus that attracted more than 200 Lockport voters on December 1, 2020. The slate includes Darren Deskin for supervisor; Annette Parker for clerk; Jessica Cannaday for collector; and Denise Salvino, Ken Beaton and Michael Lewandowski join incumbent Gregg Bickus as candidates for trustee.

The Lockport Township Democratic Organization’s objection to Louch and McNally’s nominating papers was filed on Tuesday, December 29, 2020, the last day to file objections to nomination papers. The objection suggested that neither Louch nor McNally’s voting record was “Republican” enough to qualify them to participate in the caucus. The objection also stated that Timothy McNally should be disqualified for filing to run as “Tim” McNally.

According to Louch, the objection was disappointing, but it wasn’t a surprise. He said an objection is the first tactic in a campaign that has money to burn. “They were trying to eliminate opposition in close races hoping we wouldn’t have the time to find an attorney or the cash to defend ourselves in court,” said Louch. The Lockport Township Democrats have more than $35,000 in campaign funds at their disposal, while the Republican candidates are leaning on personal financing to launch their campaign.

On January 6, the Lockport Township Electoral Board voted 2 to 1 to remove incumbent Highway Commissioner Jim Louch from the April 6 ballot and voted unanimously to remove the Republican Candidate for Lockport Township Assessor, Tim McNally. The Lockport Township Electoral Board is comprised of three sitting Democratic Lockport Township officials, all of whom are up for re-election on April 6.

McNally and Louch appealed the Electoral Board’s decision. On January 25, the honorable Judge Anderson reversed the electoral board’s decision. The ruling stated that “access to a place on a ballot is a substantial right and [is] not to be lightly denied,” and that Louch and McNally’s voting record does not disqualify them from being nominated by a caucus. The ruling also clarified that the minor difference between Timothy and Tim is “unlikely to cause confusion and does not invalidate McNally’s candidacy papers.”

Louch has served for the past 30 years as a Lockport Township Park Commissioner. He was appointed to fill the vacant Lockport Township Highway Commissioner position after the untimely and tragic death of his predecessor, John Cielenski in 2019. “John made important connections with his team and the residents he served every day, and I want to continue to do that in our community,” says Louch.

As the current Highway Commissioner, Louch has declined to receive the Township pension or health insurance benefits and stated he will continue to decline those benefits if re-elected.

McNally served as the DuPage Township Deputy Assessor from 2017-2019. He has been a Licensed Certified Illinois Assessor Officer since 2017 and owns a residential appraisal company.