Lockport Township Republicans

Preserving Conservative Values, Locally

This group is not affiliated with the Lockport Township Republican Organization. 

In recent years, the Republican leadership of Lockport Township has denigrated to the point of being unrecognizable. The Lockport Township Republicans is a volunteer group of conservatives that work to perpetuate conservative values at a local level.

  • We recruit, support, fundraise, and campaign for Republican candidates for our school boards, township seats, library boards, and park boards. 
  • We focus on local issues and maintaining fiscal responsibility right here at home. 
  • We understand that the best way to make a national impact is to first improve things locally. 

Elected Leadership in Lockport Township:

Even without the support of the chartered Lockport Township “Republican” Organization, the Lockport Township Republicans and Friends of Lockport Township were able to successfully support the election of the following Republicans:

Lockport Township Highway Commissioner: Jim Louch
Lockport Township Trustee: Denise Salvino
Lockport Township Trustee: Gregg Bickus
Lockport Township Collector: Jessica Cannaday
Will County Board Member: Annette Parker