June 28 Primary Election – Vote!

Illinois Primary Elections - June 28, 2022

Electing Republican Precinct Committeemen during the Primary Election is one of the most effective ways to facilitate change! Below are the Republican Precinct Committeemen Candidates that have been endorsed by your elected Lockport Township Republican officials:

Precinct 1
David Salvino

Precinct 2
Paulina Krasniewska-Worwa
Victor Zak

Precinct 3
Camielle Holcombe

Precinct 5
Michael Lewandowski

Precinct 6
Timothy O'Neil

Precinct 9
Joe Silich

Precicnt 12
Eric Hernandez

Precinct 13
Gary Litoborski

Precinct 14
Marvin Tinsley

Precinct 15
Anthony Donahue

Precinct 17
George Kulovitz

Precinct 18
Lisa Bickus

Precinct 21
Jeff Peterson

Precinct 22
Annette Parker

Precinct 23
Kelly Sly

The above candidates have been endorsed by Lockport Township elected officials: Jim Louch, Highway Commissioner; Jessica Cannaday, Collector; and Trustees Gregg Bickus and Denise Salvino; as well as Will County District 9 Board Member, Annette Parker.